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5 ways Speakserve are empowering law firms and legal professionals to work better

27 Mar, 2019

As law practices and legal services firms continue to take the step towards digital, many leaders are now feeling the pressure to reassess their in-house processes and discover more efficient ways to enhance and improve the delivery of the client experience whilst also maintaining compliance. Here are 5 ways Speakserve's conference call solution for law will adequately meet the needs of legal professionals.

1. Build your own private conference cloud and overcome your integration challenges

The biggest conundrum for law firms looking to onboard new systems and transform the way they communicate with clients is that they are constantly being held back by integration challenges. We take this issue and turn it on its head because we make integration with your existing systems and carefully planned business processes a possibility right from the start. It’s all about making sure that your conferencing technology empowers the unique ways that you do business.

Because Speakserve owns their own technology, we have more technical flexibility than other providers to create you a customised solution that plugs right into the systems you either already use or intend to invest in as you continue to evolve. We are building top legal firms their own private and secure conference clouds where they resume control over the features they want, meaning change management is smoother and user adoption even swifter - which is great news for your IT function and law firm as whole.

2. Have exceptional call experiences with clients thanks to our high-quality audio, network resilience and quick joining 

Since the client experience is taking more precedence, it’s important law firms regardless of size have access to an arsenal of tools and technologies that enhance the client experience and offer the greatest value. If conference calls are your weapon of choice, then you will be happy to know that we pride ourselves on enabling fee earners to have exceptional call experiences with their clients across 120+ international locations. Thanks to our multiple points of presence (POPs) and intelligent call routing using only tier one telephony networks, you can be confident that every call will have the highest quality audio. Our performance-based architecture is designed to route calls in to the least loaded available instance in the cloud which also guarantees a stable and resilient connection, leaving lawyers free to focus on the case or matter at hand and not worry if the call will actually work.

With time being such a precious commodity for fee earners, we understand that an exceptional call experience requires quick joining with little to no hassle. Join with one-click from your mobile or dial-out to yours and/or your client’s phones with our smart dial-out technology which takes away the pain of having to remember room numbers or enter PINs meaning the whole process is made more seamless. Choosing a custom room greeting to welcome your clients to your calls not only reduces case administration time but will also guarantee the best possible presentation of your law firm.

3. Give your legal teams access to features that will ensure the security of their calls and set permissions that will maintain confidentiality across your organisation 

Technology is changing the way that we think about security. Our architecture is specifically designed with your law firm’s security front of mind. With your legal teams having private conversations every day that include confidential case information, we understand the importance of knowing every call you make is safe from intrusion and that breach risks are minimised. Alongside our suite of standard security features, we also provide you with access to enhanced ones that will ease your security concerns. Live View gives law professionals a real-time view of what is happening on their call, you can see who joins, remove participants, lock the call and make use of the private lobby. Smart PIN regeneration is a feature that lends itself to the world of law because it generates new PINs for your room every time a call is completed which prevents any unwanted guests joining your most important calls. Automatic room deletion erases rooms you use according to your preferred expiry date, meaning the room cannot be accessed once this date has been met.

 If you have hundreds of legal professionals each with their own clients and data, there needs to be a way of easily managing them and maintaining confidentiality across your organisation. We give a member of your IT support function the reigns through administrator rights where they can choose your law firms custom security options and set user permissions. Permissions determine which features and data fee earners can and cannot access on their portals and specific permissions enable you to delegate administrative tasks to your legal secretaries so they can schedule calls, and much more on behalf of the lawyers they are looking after.

4. Reduce case administration time with fast automated (AI) transcription and analytics tools

AI has become a bit of a legal sector buzzword recently. More legal firms are starting to utilise the capabilities of AI and it’s taking them to the next level. Alice (our AI assistant) can help lawyers to reduce crucial case administration time. Using multiple language recognition and synchronous diarisation, Alice can identify different speakers from your recorded audio and turn it into a highly accurate transcription. The best part is it does this instantaneously which not only means less minute-taking responsibilities for your support staff but faster turnaround times for any transcriptions that need to be used by lawyers as attendance notes. But how accurate is highly accurate? Accuracy is more than just getting the words right, Alice will remove unnecessary words, add capitalisations, insert speaker names where possible and even format the transcript so it doesn’t require further tweaks and reads like a legitimate conversation.

Alice enables you to do much more with your transcripts too. Her unique voice analytics engine enables lawyers to easily search transcripts for key words and phrases, pinpointing each time a particular word or phrase is mentioned along with a timestamp. This is great news if you are a legal professional that wants to find useful points of reference to support your case work in no time.

5. Allocate expenses to your clients faster with matter number referencing and real-time tracking of call minutes and costs

Matter numbers are important for law firms so they’re important to us. They enable you to easily differentiate between separate matters for individual clients and/or group multiple matters for the same client. Assuming legal professionals spend 20 minutes a week manually assigning matter number references to their weekly discovery calls - that’s 1,040 minutes or 17.4 hours of time wasted on this administration a year. With fee earners charging £300 per hour on average (based on the hourly billed model), that is approximately £5,190 worth of billable hours just spent on matter number referencing.

Thankfully, with a dedicated matter number view, fee earners can create references and attach them to the different conference rooms they use for separate cases or clients. Rather than individually referencing each call which is time- consuming, costly and prone to error, Speakserve has streamlined the process where you add references to the conference rooms you use enabling all conference calls that take place in that particular room to be automatically referenced. This also improves the retrievability of any call recordings, transcripts and billing data such as minutes used and/costs acquired per case meaning lawyers can attribute these costs more efficiently to clients.

With real-time tracking of minutes and access to call costs, your law firm can stay on top of your usage and expenditure. Giving your finance teams more transparency of how many minutes are being used and/or how much money is being spent per matter or client is beneficial because you can accelerate the process of claiming back costs helping to make conferencing a cost-neutral function within your organisation.  


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