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Why Do Smart Businesses Love Remote Working Tools?

03 Apr, 2018

As the popularity of flexible working and the adoption of international collaboration tools increases it is more apparent that distance is no longer a barrier to business. This style of mobile working enables a new kind of freedom and flexibility to all parties, and with the right tools smart businesses can allow people from across the globe to work together in real time, opening countless new doors for those seeking to expand into new arenas and make new partnerships, as well as increasing employee engagement and productivity.

"With the right people on the bus and the right technology at your fingertips, businesses around the globe can be connected and build something incredible" - Jonathan Grant, CEO Speakserve.

But what tools do you need to make this new era of working life work for you and your business?


1. Enhance team collaboration with Instant Chat Platforms

Employees who can easily collaborate with one another use their time more effectively and accomplish more

Collaborating with colleagues is now becoming even easier with cloud collaboration tools and instant chat platforms such as Slack making waves across the marketplace. Imagine a professional, instantaneous chat empowering your teams to have immediate conversations without having to follow the blocked-up channels of formal inboxes and email chains.

The beauty behind these disruptive collaboration tools is that you can easily see the latest information, messages and activity feeds within your teams in real time. As well as easily being able to find “that message I sent David James in Dubai last month” you can instantly share important documents and ideas with colleagues, and give or receive quick replies to simple queries so that you can collaborate on projects without delay. All of this, without needing to be in close proximity to one another, as part of one powerful and secure technology ecosystem that speaks to one another – sign us up!

The reality is that with technological advancements continuing to move swiftly, businesses can't afford to be constrained by physical limitations that they once were. Client and employee expectations for high quality on-demand communication and collaboration tools at work are growing and businesses need to ensure that they can adapt.


2. Easy access to Virtual Meeting Spaces

Businesses that step beyond the limitations of a physical meeting room are more able to meet the growing expectations of clients, partners and employees

As competition increases across the global marketplace, businesses are working with teams from all over the world, meaning there is less and less of a need for businesses to have a physical meeting space in their office. Instead, what future thinking businesses really need is 24/7 access to a suite of their own secure virtual ‘spaces’ that enables them to easily come together, disseminate information, co-create ideas and make important decisions day-to-day. Virtual spaces are incredibly effective at enhancing your most important relationships with clients, partners as well as remote working colleagues. And with exciting advancements in the application of Virtual Reality and AI technologies these virtual spaces could look even more different in the near future.

Speakserve's Conference Call and Event Call services can enable 100s of participants to easily join a call from anywhere in the world with differing levels of call control and flexibility. With no limitations on number of rooms and over 120 international access numbers (including local dial in) across over 90 countries you can avoid unnecessary international long-distance charges and our simple to use dial in and automated dial out technology ensures that businesses can be ready to communicate with the right people, anywhere and at any time.

Not only do virtual meeting spaces make it possible for international teams to be in the same virtual space at the same time, it removes unnecessary obstacles such as complex diary clashes and barriers such as travel logistics when organising your meetings. Within your business’ personally branded meeting space, co-workers and clients alike should be completely confident when talking about sensitive business information. Our LiveCall technology allows you to take back control, allowing you to identify exactly who is on the line, providing clarity, security and a sense of calm so that participants don't have to be afraid to share sensitive information or ask direct questions in the room.


3. Digital tools that help simplify processes

As we use more and more collaboration tools within the workplace, technology providers should be focused on simplifying business processes, not over-complicating them

In order to cater to the new generation of tech-savvy businesses with digitally sophisticated employees. Technology providers have a responsibility to ensure that they are producing simple to use tools that can fit into the wider technology ecosystem. Without tools that integrate simply with other systems (such as how our meeting invitation services integrate with Outlook or Gmail) or clear billing that can attribute project reference codes (per call), new tools can create unnecessary confusion and have a negative impact upon employee productivity.

At Speakserve we are focussed on increasing productivity and delivering transparency to our clients. In our previous platform release we showcased our cutting-edge voice recognition technology that enables users to record and automatically transcribe meeting conversations within our portal, making sure that you can review important meeting points far easier than ever been before 

Hundreds of international businesses are already cutting unnecessary time spent reviewing reams of painstakingly typed meeting transcripts by using our simple to use word-spotting tool, giving them the ability to download audio files and search for specific keywords and phrases in seconds.

Other Speakserve features such as one-click room entry and automated dial out enables both meeting hosts and participants to have even easier access to the virtual meeting space without the complexities of trying to find call details or dial pin numbers to gain immediate access to important calls. And with new features like video conferencing and in-call chat coming very soon, working together couldn’t be simpler.

Imagine this, all working on a Pay as you Go basis, without contracts (only competitive pricing agreements) giving you the flexibility that you need to and confidently create thousands of conference calls without the fear of unnecessary participant charges or no guarantee for call quality. Speakserve also enables you to keep on top of what you’re spending, as you’re spending it with instant billing features and unlike other providers we won’t charge you or your participants extra for using a mobile.

It’s time for your business to step out of the office of the past and start using the right tools to propel your business into the mobile workspace of the future.

If you are interested in finding our more about how Speakserve can help your business please contact us today.