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What Happens If You Can't Find a Dial-in Number For an International Location of Your Choice?

03 May, 2018

 Whether you’re a multi-national organisation with teams around the world or a small business with a key client located overseas, being able to join your important conference calls securely from anywhere in the world is crucial. So crucial that your chosen provider requires sufficient coverage internationally or you risk some participants being unable to partake, which is both frustrating and costly to your firm’s productivity.

What we have?

With an expansive audio network, hosting more than 120 international dial-in numbers across 90+ different countries, Speakserve are no stranger to improving our international reach based on the needs of businesses just like yours. We’re constantly seeking new locations to add to our listings, so your participants have the freedom of dialling in from wherever their business plans may take them.

This month, we have 6 new additions to tell you about:

  • Are you or one of your participants in Puerto Rico? Dial 7877155551
  • Are you hosting a call or joining one from El Salvador? Dial 21131724 
  • Need to dial-in from Georgia? Dial 706777429
  • Over in the US Virgin Islands? Dial 18884245474
  • Are you or one of your participants in Algeria? Dial 0982402696
  • Need to dial-in from Monaco? Dial 80094203

 For all our international dial-in numbers, see here: https://www.speakserve.com/numbers


 If you can’t find a number for the country you require, let us know by suggesting a location and we will try our best to source a number for you. To avoid unnecessary international long-distance charges, we only source local or freephone dial-numbers.  All you need to do is fill in the following form at http://lp.speakserve.com/suggest-a-new-location, telling us what location your looking at and how many minutes you will be doing per month and one of our specialists will be in touch to help you.


Why Dial-out might be a more immediate alternative?

Can’t wait? Sometimes there can be a delay in getting you a number in the country of your choice and we understand that meetings need to go on regardless. In that case, we can get you conferencing instantly using our smart dial-out feature. Reduce time spent looking for dial-in numbers and have our system auto-dial out to your participants so they can join without delay. We can dial out to pretty much any country worldwide, just click below to get a no-obligation quote.

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