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The Online Portal: redesigned

04 Jun, 2019

With our latest version release comes our new online portal. It’s been redesigned. It’s more beautiful and more importantly, it’s much better. But why is everyone at Speakserve so excited about it?

If you’re a regular user of conference calls, having the ability to take control of and manage all aspects of your conferencing account is particularly appealing. It’s important you have access to a user portal that enables you to do just that. Let’s face it, it’s really frustrating when you want to create your own rooms or schedule calls, but you feel restricted to having to wait for someone else to arrange everything for you. For that reason, we’ve built a self-service user portal with simple scheduling tools and an array of smart features that will ensure managing your conferencing will be as seamless as the calls you join.  On the new portal, you can now:

1. Access simple scheduling tools

On the new portal, it takes just a few clicks to add your contacts, create rooms and finally schedule your calls. This means you have the flexibility to assemble your call calendar and make important changes to it at any time without the need for assistance. The portal is designed so that every task can be completed from the dashboard immediately after logging in, with everything in one place, scheduling is super simple allowing you to get conferencing even quicker.

2. Seamlessly send personalised invites

Inviting guests to join your call can be a frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have scheduled a call on the portal, you can create and send email or .ics file invitations to your hosts and participants instantly. Ics files have the advantage of being easy to add to an outlook or google calendar without trouble, meaning you save valuable time spent drafting your own invitations.

3. View call summaries and itemised billing

You don’t have to wait for an invoice at the end of the month to know just how much you’re spending on your conference calls. The online portal offers itemised billing in real-time so you can keep on top your expenditure day to day, call by call. What’s better? It enables you to offset call costs more efficiently to specific projects, matters or clients – a sought after feature if you’re working off a specific budget for your conferencing.  

4. Access a Live View of your call

Visibility is a big thing for many users. So is control over participants on the call to manage their conversation more effectively. With live view accessible directly from the online portal, you can see your expected guests as they join the call, connect new or late guests to the call using dial-out and see is speaking and when with real-time information about each participant on the call. Live view has a whole host of other moderator features that will ensure productive discussions and a much more seamless meeting experience overall.  

5. Gain a deeper insight into how you're using the service with data insights

The new online portal now gives you a deeper insight into how you are using the service. Track your usage and review call performance with easy to understand daily and monthly statistics. You can find out how many calls are made on average, the number of participants that have joined your calls and the total amount of call minutes you’ve acquired and so on, as well as the option to build customisable widgets on your portal dashboard.  

6. Access recordings and transcriptions

Store and access your call recordings at your convenience and generate highly accurate machine transcripts in minutes with Alice (our AI). Professional human transcriptions can also be requested via our support team. Make use of our AI powered analytics tools as well such as the keyword spotter – great if you need to revisit key conversations quickly.

7. Manage your organisation settings (as an administrator) or track all users in your team (as a team manager)

If you’re assigned the designated administrator role within your organisation, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can manage your organisations default settings at any time from the online portal. You can also set individual user permissions to control what features and data your users can and cannot access across the business.

 So, the online portal allows you to do all these things, but what are some of your burning questions?

How user-friendly is the new portal?

The online portal is built to be intuitive. All controls and navigational components are simplistic, typography is clear and page layouts are consistent, together this creates a truly user-friendly interface. We understand that every user likes to interpret/view information differently so you can toggle between an icon or list view, filter information easily, and complete the majority of actions with a single-click. The online portal will always communicate what’s happening as well. When you make an action such as creating a new user or make changes to an existing room, the system immediately informs you of the status and provides next steps if necessary, reducing the amount of time spent by each user.

Can it be customised or personalised in any way?

Everything is customisable when you choose to build your own private conference cloud. This includes everything on your online portal. At an organisation level, the portal can be personalised to reflect your branding. At a user level, you can choose to display data and statistics relevant to you, set preferences that meet your needs as a business professional and much more.

Is the new portal secure?

Security is a major concern for our users so it’s a major concern for us. The online portal has been designed with resilience in mind and can store your contact information, billing details, call recordings and anything else securely.

Is there a cost attached to using it?

Every user is given access to the online portal through their own login. This is offered as standard and is free of charge.

Is it device-agnostic?

Users want to be able to manage their conferencing at anytime and anywhere. This requires being able to access the online portal from whichever device is most convenient to them whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop. The best part is you don’t need to download anything, simply find the login button on our website and access it with your login details. Note: you will be able to access the online portal through the Speakserve app in the future (coming soon).

Do I have to use the new portal to schedule or make calls?

The service is completely reservationless, meaning you don’t have to schedule a call on the portal. You can just arrange a time and date for a call with your participants, distribute your room details and start talking. But if you want to access call recordings, generate transcripts, track your usage and view billing statements and reference calls, the online portal is definitely something worth making use of.

If that’s not enough, here are a few other reasons you should believe in our new portal. Some of our most trusted customers are already using it with confidence, a large percentage of who are large financial, law and governmental organisations. The portal has been and continues to be vigorously tested to ensure it’s performing well and continues to give users the experience we want them to have when it comes to managing their conferencing account. But it doesn’t stop there because our innovation team are constantly working on new exciting features which will enable you to video conference, screen share, make internet calls and so much more – all from within the portal!

If you would like one of our expert team to take you through the online portal and all it has to offer, please request a 30-minute demo below.

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