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7 ways to tell if it's time to switch your conference call provider

07 Sep, 2018

So you’ve been using the same Conference Call Provider for years now and after reviewing your annual spend, you find yourself wondering if you are really are paying far too much for the service you are getting. Is it time to look for a new provider? Is the administrative effort and time it takes to move to a new provider, really worth it? Here are 7 ways to tell. 


When Choosing Your Collaboration Toolset, Why is Audio Conferencing Still Dominating the Marketplace?

19 Jul, 2017

The emergence of many new collaborative technologies within both our personal and professional lives means that most businesses will have a disparate tool set available to communicate with. Bring-Your-Own-Device policies and personal preferences play havoc with IT departments who are trying to bring about a commonality to the way in which employees communicate. Unless there is a rip and replace of technology combined with a knowledge that their clients and partners can use it, the use of...