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Why you need to record your conference calls?

08 Jan, 2018

It's good to have call recording as an optional feature on your conference calls, but I think it's a necessity for businesses today.  

Here’s why:


Event Calls for PR & IR

12 Dec, 2017

 For PR companies with expertise in financial communications and investor relations, the event conference call is a well-used form of communication. Bringing together investors, analysts, financial advisors and media personnel in one seamlessly executed meeting, these important calls should offer a secure and reliable way to communicate important information and develop investor engagement. However, spiralling costs and reliability issues are impacting the effectiveness of these calls.


Speakserve Transforms the Traditional Event Call

18 Oct, 2017

High-profile conference calls require greater control and visibility. Advanced security features limit who is attending the meeting, managing participants in-call and better post call management ensures your professional reputation is upheld and your event is seamless. When a PR firm is making a critical announcement on behalf of a client or a large corporate is making a financial statement or issuing important company news, nothing should be left to chance. The smooth running of the event...


Change of UK Local & Freephone Dial-in Numbers

30 Aug, 2017

As a result of a network upgrade, we are changing the UK dial-in numbers to your Speakserve Conference Call Service. This is in line with our continuing efforts to provide the best possible conferencing service. The new numbers will ensure resilience and quality of your calls.

Whilst any caller using the old numbers will be able to access the service in the usual way, we would urge you to encourage the use of the following new numbers to benefit from the upgraded service.


Are You Being Affected By the Waterloo Upgrade?

09 Aug, 2017

 Don’t want to queue for trains, stand on busy platforms or be late?We have the solution.

With Waterloo being the UK’s busiest station, and 10 of the station’s 25 platforms closed until August 24th, your travel plans are bound to be impacted with the ongoing upgrades.

Rail services are advising passengers not to travel, so we have the perfect solution to avoid commuting, whilst continuing to carryout business.

With Speakserve’s conferencing services and communication technologies, you can...


Can You Hear Me?

03 Jul, 2017

How we at Speakserve ensure a high quality audio experience for our clients.

In any conversation or call, it is imperative that you can hear the other party. Audio quality lies at the heart of everything we do at Speakserve.

We do not just pay lip service to this – we cannot afford to. Although it seems easy to the user (it should just work!) there is a lot of pedalling that goes on behind the scenes to guarantee this quality. Our support team dedicates a huge amount of time ensuring every...

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