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Meet the Team: Christine On What She Has Found When Speaking to New Customers This January

02 Feb, 2018

My name is Christine and I am part of the sales team at Speakserve. A big part of my job is understanding why a potential customer needs a conference call service and advising on the most approriate solution for their business.You can imagine that conference calls are a straight forward-service that is easy to understand but I find the biggest complication for many businesses is knowing how they are being charged and how they can easily compare conference call providers.


Remote Working in the Summer Holidays with #speaksummer

13 Jul, 2017

With advancements in collaboration and communication technologies, the need to commute daily or work in the office is a concept of the past. Anyone with a reliable Wi-fi connection can carry out business regardless of physical location. To ensure that this business is still carried out successfully, an effective collaboration and communication solution is necessary to keep staff contactable and connected to everyone in the business, thus allowing employees to work remotely.