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Babl Cloud Blog

Speakserve now offer a local dial-in number for Vietnam

29 Jan, 2019

As part of continued efforts to offer customers local dial-in numbers across the globe, Speakserve has just acquired a local connection in Vietnam. This will be available to use alongside the freephone number (read our blog for more information on local and freephone numbers and when to use one over the other).

So if you need to host a conference call from Vietnam – or include participants based in Hanoi or the financial hub, Ho Chi Minh City, you're advised to use this local dial-in number. Remember, local numbers are cheaper to dial and require less routing than freephone numbers meaning better audio quality for your calls.

To access our service from Vietnam please dial the following number: 02444582176

Did you know? 

  • Despite being a very poor country, Vietnam proudly boasts a literacy rate of 97.3%* for adults aged 15-50 years (2016)

  • Bargaining is considered a way of life in Vietnam. Merchants frequently put an additional markup on their products in order to give buyers the opportunity to bargain for a better price
  • Vietnam is the best place for coffee lovers. They are the second largest producer of coffee in the world and own approximately 20% of the coffee market share 

Click here to view our full list of numbers

Note: you can filter through our numbers by selecting a continent or searching for a country of your choice. If you cannot find the dial-in location you require, please suggest it to us here. Alternatively, you can request a dial-out to any region in the world. This service conveniently dials you and your participants in to your call as it is about to start, avoiding any potential delay.

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