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Speakserve makes conferencing with Uzbekistan a possibility

27 Sep, 2018

Whatever the distance between the UK and Uzbekistan (3,129 miles to be precise), the countries remain extremely close by phone. Uzbekistan’s telecommunications network has recently undergone extensive reconstruction and is now much more robust, meaning connecting with your colleagues and clients securely is possible. So, if you need to host a conference call from Uzbekistan – or include participants that are based in the business capital of Tashkent for example, with Speakserve it’s easy. We have sourced an international freephone number for you to use, which promises crystal clear audio quality and a competitive per minute, per participant rate.

To access the service from Uzbekistan please dial the following number :008001201266

Did you know? 

  • Uzbekistan takes our international coverage to 110 countries. It is the 20th dial-in location offered in Asia equalling 161 access numbers in total.  

  • Fiber optic cable and microwave radio relay networks connect Uzbekistan to the rest of the world using a leased connection via the Moscow international gateway switch.

  • Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s most populous country with a population of 32.4 million (2018) 

Click here to view our full list of numbers

Note: you can filter through our numbers by selecting a continent or searching for a country of your choice. If you cannot find the dial-in location you require, please suggest it to us here. Alternatively, you can request a dial-out to any region in the world. This service conveniently dials you and your participants in to your call as it is about to start, avoiding any potential delay.

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