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Speakserve is listed as a G-Cloud 11 Supplier

25 Jul, 2019

Speakserve has been listed on the G-cloud 11 framework making us an approved supplier of cloud-based conferencing and remote meetings software to public sector organisations across the UK.


What is G-Cloud?

The G-cloud framework is an agreement between the UK government and suppliers that provide cloud-based services. G-cloud 11 is the latest iteration of the G-cloud framework and is part of the UK governments Digital Marketplace where public service bodies and organisations - such as the NHS and local councils – can find, review and procure a range of leading technology and cloud-based services without the requirement for a full tender process.


What does it mean to be a G-Cloud 11 supplier?

It means public service organisations that have a conferencing requirement can have access to Speakserve’s simple, high-quality conferencing software and secure tools quickly and cost effectively. By offering our solution on this framework our public sector clients can benefit from a more efficient procurement process.


What we have to say about it...

Jonathan grant, Speakserve’s Chief Executive Officer (pictured below) said: “Being a part of G-cloud framework for successive years is something were really proud of, it is a useful avenue for business creating new opportunities for us. Our acceptance on to G-cloud 11 is testament to the quality and of our products and services and proof that our solutions continue to meet the market needs within the public sector. We have a number of public service clients who use us and would be delighted to service many more that look to the digital marketplace for their cloud-based conferencing supplier over the next 12 months”.


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Read more about the G-cloud framework here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-g-cloud-framework-on-the-digital-marketplace

View Speakserve's profile on the Digital Marketplace here: https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/supplier/92464