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Speakserve add freephone dial-in number for Colombia

22 Feb, 2019

Speakserve has recently purchased an ITFS (freephone) connection in Colombia. If you have a requirement for Colombia and would prefer to avoid the hassle of adding local area codes, you can give your participants this new freephone number to use. Keep in mind that freephone numbers can only be dialled from within Colombia using a local phone service, i.e. a local mobile or landline. 

To access the service from Colombia, please dial: 018005189432

Did you know? 

  • Columbia is named after the legendary Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. It is the second largest Spanish-speaking population and is nicknamed the "gateway of South America" 

  • It is mandatory for radio and public television in Columbia to play the national anthem every day at 6am and 6pm
  • Columbia has one of the largest network of bicycle routes in the world, stretching for over 300km
  • Columbia is the the world's largest exporter of Emeralds. The country has more than 150 mines churning out high-quality emeralds

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Note: you can filter through our numbers by selecting a continent or searching for a country of your choice. If you cannot find the dial-in location you require, please suggest it to us here. Alternatively, you can request a dial-out to any region in the world. This service conveniently dials you and your participants in to your call as it is about to start, avoiding any potential delay.

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