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Why should you be thinking about pre-registration for your event calls?

24 Aug, 2018

Let’s face it, pre-registration hasn't got a great reputation. Despite the insights it can give the PR and corporate prior to the event and the convenience it provides for participants when it comes to joining a call, there is a consensus that pre-registration is a lengthy process, the idea of having to provide your information days or even hours before the call is considered laborious and for this reason it is rarely in the interest of PR agencies to ask their participants to do it. But, pre-registration doesn’t have to be like this. With Speakserve it’s as easy as 123, you click a link in your meeting invitation, provide your name, organisation and contact number and hit register and it’s done. The entire process takes just a few seconds, and it can save you time and effort as well as offering other benefits.

Here's how:

1. Pre-registration helps anticipate the number of participants that will be joining your call

With each participant providing their information in advance of the event, it gives you the communications or PR agency, a great indication of how many people are expected to join the call. Whether it is 100, 1000 or 2000+ participants, this piece of insight will help to better understand the scale of the call, meaning moderators are able to prepare accordingly, whether you use one of our world class moderators or choose to moderate yourself, you can ensure the event is seamlessly managed and executed from start to finish. For your corporate client and their elected speaker, capturing participant numbers will be important in identifying the duration Q&A sessions are likely to run for, as well as assumptions about the types of audience and participants that will be on the call.

2. Pre-registration makes it easier for your participants to join and prevents delay

When it comes to a major corporate announcement, the disclosure of financial results or even an investor relations presentation, everyone from the financial media to the investor community may be invited to dial-in and listen to what is being shared by the company’s Chief Executive, CFO or IRO. Depending on the business or the contents of the call, there can be hundreds and even thousands wanting to join meaning if you must screen every journalist, company representative, shareholder and/or potential investor, it can be slow and costly, delaying the start and leaving many participants waiting on the call frustrated which can be damaging to you and your client’s reputation. By pre-registering, moderators can simply match the name, organisation & number registered with the number that is used to join the call meaning there is no need to liaise directly with every participant, instead you can focus on getting the call underway where your clients key message or announcement can be delivered.

3. Pre-registration speeds up the time in which you receive your attendee report

Most communications or PR agencies expect an attendee list almost immediately after their call finishes, to check who dialled in from where and at what time. There may be a key person from the media who your client is hoping will be in attendance or a group of investors who you would like to hear your corporate client’s presentation to secure their interest. Whatever it may be, the sooner an attendee report is in your hands, the better. Receiving it in a timely manner also enables you to recognise who may have missed the call and therefore you are able to follow up with them directly and even send a link to a recording enabling them to catch up. Pre-registration enables all of this to happen sooner and more efficiently. The process is more streamlined, providing your agency with an improved pre and post-call experience.

Together, its clear to see that asking your participants to pre-register has benefits at each stage of the event call process: pre, during and post-call. It contributes to a brilliant event call experience for your shareholders, investors, media personnel and so forth which is crucial to upholding reputation and maintaining important relationships. For more information about our event call services for financial PR and IR, click the following link

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