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We've recently moved offices

16 Aug, 2018

We are excited to announce that Speakserve has recently moved it's Operations Centre into a new office in the heart of Basingstoke’s business district, Basing View. Having spent the last few years just a stone-throw away from our new location, we felt it was the right time to move to a bigger office given our rapid expansion.


How to minimise the impact of negative events on your investors

13 Aug, 2018

Good investor relations and communications professionals know that any business can be disrupted by a number of economic and environmental factors including new market entrants, and despite a reasonable value proposition these disruptions can see stock prices languishing at low level. So how do you combat this?


6 smart ways to improve your next earnings call

31 Jul, 2018

Many of our customers schedule periodic conference calls with the investment community where a carefully selected panel or presentation team delivers the current performance of a business. Unfortunately, we know that things don't always work out as planned. That's why we've put together some helpful tips  and tricks that will help you to get the most out of your next earnings call.



Why your current provider may not be suited to financial pr or investor relations

25 Jul, 2018





Despite what is advertised, most call providers fail to offer an event call service designed with Financial PR & Investor Relations in mind. There is a neglect for the subtleties of this type of industry, with Financial PR and IR professionals often becoming restricted and frustrated by unreliable, over complicated and expensively inflexible solutions.


Conference call bills: how to understand your current expenditure and easily compare providers

19 Jul, 2018


Great conference calls should be both simple and cost effective, often replacing face-to-face meetings, they can be used to reduce travel time and organisational costs, as well as lessening your carbon footprint.


Who's on my conference call? - the importance of privacy

20 Jun, 2018

With a recent survey finding that up to 50% of conference call users thought it was quite normal not to know who was on their calls, it is important to ensure the security level you need. At Speakserve, we understand that with all the day to day of running a business, you have enough on your plate. We want to take care of as much of that as we can, so that you don’t have to.


Speakserve Improves Reach Across African Continent With Local and Freephone Dial-ins

15 Jun, 2018

Business is flourishing in Africa. It’s fast becoming a major hub of business in the world, with 6 of the 10 of the worlds fastest growing economies currently there. That’s why many corporate businesses are finding they have more clientele located in countries across the African continent, and with more opportunities to build operations and set up teams there, the need to stay in touch with them and collaborate efficiently and effectively is high.


We Have Updated our Privacy Policy (for GDPR)

24 May, 2018

At Speakserve, we care about your data privacy.


What Happens If You Can't Find a Dial-in Number For an International Location of Your Choice?

03 May, 2018

 Whether you’re a multi-national organisation with teams around the world or a small business with a key client located overseas, being able to join your important conference calls securely from anywhere in the world is crucial. So crucial that your chosen provider requires sufficient coverage internationally or you risk some participants being unable to partake, which is both frustrating and costly to your firm’s productivity.

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