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Speakserve Improves Reach Across African Continent With Local and Freephone Dial-ins

15 Jun, 2018

Business is flourishing in Africa. It’s fast becoming a major hub of business in the world, with 6 of the 10 of the worlds fastest growing economies currently there. That’s why many corporate businesses are finding they have more clientele located in countries across the African continent, and with more opportunities to build operations and set up teams there, the need to stay in touch with them and collaborate efficiently and effectively is high.

As international business from within African countries increases, the demand for high quality conference calls and collaboration tools has risen and consequently we have seen an increase in the requirement for international dial-in numbers in the region.

Here at Speakserve, we are continually adapting to the requirements of our customers and in recent months and weeks we have expanded our coverage in Africa vastly. We now have local and freephone dial-in numbers for 16 countries.

Take a look at our most recent additions:

  • Do you have colleagues based in Uganda, we have both local and freephone numbers available for you today?
  • Perhaps there is a client out in Sudan who you urgently need to attend your call?
  • Cameroon is now apart of our growing network of coverage, so if you or your participants are based there, just use the local number.
  • Offshore, a freephone number for Reunion Island (France) is a notable new addition.
  • A local number for Algeria was bought in April – have you used it yet?
  • Nigeria has a new local number with a great quality connection
  • A freephone number for Mayotte has been recently sourced, why not set up a test call?

Click for the full list of numbers

Please note that you can search through our current numbers on our International Numbers Page – however if cannot find the location require you can still use our dial-out function to connect today!  Reduce time spent looking for dial-in numbers and have our system auto-dial out to your participants so they can join without delay.

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