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Why your current provider may not be suited to financial pr or investor relations

25 Jul, 2018





Despite what is advertised, most call providers fail to offer an event call service designed with Financial PR & Investor Relations in mind. There is a neglect for the subtleties of this type of industry, with Financial PR and IR professionals often becoming restricted and frustrated by unreliable, over complicated and expensively inflexible solutions.

Event calls are an essential tool within the IRO tool set. When a financial result is to be announced, or an organisation chooses to speak to the media following an immediate change in leadership, these meticulously planned communications are delivered by the CEO, CFO or IRO on an event call.

However, when sudden requirements or call circumstances change at the last minute, many professionals are faced with needlessly complex processes, call limitations and unnecessary penalties that results in a frustrating call experience for the organiser and to top it off an expensive bill.

Fortunately, there are event call solutions out there that are more considerate to the demands of Financial PR & Investor Relations industries, although they can be difficult to find.

We believe that it’s necessary that helpful guidance is given to all professionals seeking a provider so they can pick a vendor that is best suited to their business.

Do you need more flexibility to make important changes?

High-profile events are no stranger to last-ditch changes, despite the strategic nature of the call. Sometimes a major announcement needs to be pushed back by a few hours because an elected speaker is temporarily unavailable or the organisation needs to review it's agenda based on new information.

Whilst it is always the hope that things run to plan, we understand that there are lots of examples where communications such as quarterly earnings calls have to be postponed, such as a market holiday or audits taking longer than expected. Whatever the cause may be, when it comes to making changes event call providers are not as lenient or flexible as you think.

Is your provider charging you for necessary amendments?

A late change fee can vary from £50 all the way to £300 depending on your requirements and your event call provider, but when a change occurs within 24 hours of the event, the cost is likely to be even more.

Unless you want to be paying over the odds, it's essential that you choose a provider that does not penalise clients when changes have to be made. It is is also important to ensure that they do not over complicate processes with queues or ticket requests that result in long customer service wait times that impede your call and prevent you from making changes without delay.

You need to be sure that your provider can be on hand with instant support or make available access to services that gives you the freedom to make immediate changes to your call, whenever you need.

With Speakserve you can be sure that should something happen, you will have the freedom to do what you need to do when you need to do it, making it easy to make immediate call changes via our online portal as well as direct access to human support, all without amendment fees. We provide you with the confidence to focus on what’s important – the content you are preparing and the people who are joining your call.

Are you experiencing needless penalties for over-running?

Despite the meticulous planning that goes into any high-profile event call, when unavoidable circumstances arise, a call can easily overrun past its listed finish time.

Sometimes a sudden wave of interest may mean that there is an increase in call activity on the day. With greater numbers of participants joining the call and higher engagement than expected, even a well prepared Q&A session will naturally run longer due to more questions being asked. This may require the team to adapt in-call, extending the event and allocating more time to answering these questions.

It seems unfair then that the majority of event call providers charge overage fees based on the time you run over, whether it’s a few minutes or a even thirty, this is a needless expense for the organiser.

The ideal event call service shouldn’t impose penalties for over running, forcing you to keep within a set time. Your provider should give you the peace of mind to deliver your communications as effectively as possible, and in as much time as you need.

Could you be charged for non-attendees?

Many call providers charge something called a minimum use supplement. These often occur when you have a lower number of expected attendees joining your event call.

This is not suitable for communications professionals who deal with unreliable audiences such as employee shareholders or media participants, who may often have conflicting meetings or new priorities that impact their attendance for this event.

For example, we recently hosted a series of shareholder communications for a large multinational where the expectations for the calls where approximately 3,000 attendees, however only 1 in 100 of these registered participants where able to attend due to circumstances beyond their control. By working with Speakserve the business was able to avoid any unnecessary non-attendee charges as they only paid for those who attended in the live call.

Imagine the cost of the call if they still had to pay for the participant lines that they had requested? With IR budgets already being squeezed (especially in a post-MiFID II environment) it is certainly an expense most IROs could do without.

Are you expecting to pay more for same day reservation?

When a crisis hits, the importance of being agile and addressing it quickly and efficiently cannot be stressed enough. Businesses want to reach the audiences they need in order protect themselves, manage their reputations and savour the relationships they have built. Because issues can arise at any time, you need to have an event call provider that enables you to make an express or same-day reservation giving you the ability to schedule a call in a matter of hours rather than days. It's the same process as any other event call - so what is it about the provider's processes that means that their client's should expect to pay extra?

Sadly, many event call providers do not share this understanding, with reservations that are made up to 72 hours before the start time experiencing fees between £100-150, with same day reservation costing anywhere from £170-230.

What makes Speakserve different?

Choosing Speakserve as your event call provider goes beyond the fantastic audio quality we offer, we know your business and take ever step to ensure that your calls run as seamlessly and professionally as possible, without fear of penalties or unnecessary costs.

It isn’t the customer service you receive from from the day you book your high-profile event to when it finishes but what ultimately sets us apart is we take the pains that Financial PR and IR professionals face every day and put it at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why with our event call service we give you maximum flexibility to make changes to your call when you need to, we never charge minimum use supplements or penalise you for no shows, you pay only for the minutes used and the total number of lines that join.

We are not interested in imposing additional charges for making an express or same day reservations, all that matters to us is that you are confident when you have a need for an event call, we will do everything to ensure it can happen. With easy set up and seamless call management, Speakserve are your ideal partner for your next event call.

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