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Can You Hear Me?

03 Jul, 2017

How we at Speakserve ensure a high quality audio experience for our clients.

In any conversation or call, it is imperative that you can hear the other party. Audio quality lies at the heart of everything we do at Speakserve.

We do not just pay lip service to this – we cannot afford to. Although it seems easy to the user (it should just work!) there is a lot of pedalling that goes on behind the scenes to guarantee this quality. Our support team dedicates a huge amount of time ensuring every line our clients say is of the highest audio quality. This high-quality audio is experienced by our users from anywhere in the world, whether they are using a mobile, landline or computer to carry out their calls.

 Our audio quality excels internationally because of the extensive geographical spread of local dial in numbers that we own. By using a local dial-in number rather than having to dial an international number to access your conference means the call has to be routed less. A more direct connection using local networks ensures higher audio quality. Having over 120 countries with local dial-in numbers available to our customers means Speakserve is renowned for its call quality when dialling in from even the remotest locations.

So how do we know are calls have a high audio quality?

Enter the PESQ score.

PESQ stands for the Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality. This is a standard developed in 2001, which uses real speech (both the input from the person talking, and the output through the system) to come up with a score between 1 and 5 which determines the quality of the audio. A score of 5 represents a crystal clear audio, whereas a score of 1 means the sound is unclear and of a low quality.

How do we test our call quality?

We have robots that dial our numbers and play a sound file which gives us a score. When clients are speaking, we get a score on every number used (we are not listening or recording the calls, but a machine is scoring the quality). Both activities mean that we have an early warning of issues with quality control, should they occur, so we can work with our partners to resolve them immediately and we can constantly monitor the quality of our calls.

So, by choosing Speakserve as your conferencing call provider, you are ensuring a consistently high quality audio experience and crystal clear communication.