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Why every call matters to Speakserve

22 Nov, 2018

Customer Service, it’s in our name (the serve part). You’re not going to hit a long phone menu when you call us. Your email isn’t going into the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. At Speakserve, we strive to provide you with the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves and that starts with building a relationship with our customers. We care about your business and understand that people rely on our services to get their business done, that’s why our entire team are dedicated to supporting you with your conferencing, from the basic questions you may have through to your more technical enquiries, from your first contact past your five or ten-year conferencing anniversary.

The truth about customer service in the conference call industry

With conference call services today, customers are usually left to “get on with it”. In other words, once they sign up and have received their conferencing details, they are free to make their calls with little or no intervention from the service provider. While its beneficial for the customer who want to just get conferencing immediately there is often a real neglect for customer service after this point. Customers don’t always receive special attention let alone benefit from a personal touch that really ensures there happy, feel supported and overall more confident about their conferencing.

While many providers advertise their services as being available on-demand and accessible 24-7, the same cannot be said about their support teams. When things don’t go to plan with their calls or a customer encounters a problem with their account that requires immediate assistance, they often find they’re unable to get through to a human operator and have to settle for submitting their support requests through a slow ticketing system. A well-informed support person isn’t always at the end of a phone call or email either, especially outside of standard office hours which makes it particularly difficult to get things done. For those providers that offer some level of customer service, the real pain is not getting through to someone who knows anything about their business, how they work, do not listen to their problems properly and cannot answer questions they have because the lack sufficient knowledge. In such a fiercely competitive market with so many providers now battling for business, getting customer service right can be a major differentiator.

How Speakserve are breaking the trend as customer service kings?

Here at Speakserve, we have taken the initiative and improved how we are positioned to service our customers. We have made reaching us as easy and instantaneous as possible with Live Chat, our 24-7 support line means you can receive assistance whenever and wherever you are the world while our promise of a dedicated account manager ensures you’re never left on your own as you embark on your conferencing journey with us.

Live Chat

We recently made the effort to ensure that Speakserve can be contacted in the way that that the modern-day customer wants and prefers. Specifically, we implemented a Live Chat function on our website which is active during our office working hours of 9-5.30 pm, so rather than sending an email to our sales or support @ inbox and having to wait patiently for a response, you can get answers right away from one of our specialist team members, all you have to do is write a message in the chat box and click send and you can get information easily and instantaneously. Speakserve have gone far beyond what any of the competition are doing with this. Why? Well, we’re committed to making your online experience as convenient as possible using the communication tools you find most comfortable and are familiar with. By making it as fast as possible to get the information you need from us, we hope to relieve your frustrations and leave you much more confident about carrying out your next conference call or in the case of a new customer, that little bit closer to signing up with us.

24/7 Support Line

We provide customers with the flexibility to contact us when it suits them and not the other way round. Whether it’s regarding an important conference call they’ve got the following morning, or they need help accessing a call recording/transcription from their portal over the weekend, Speakserve are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Speakserve operate across a wide geographical range, customers dial in to our service from over 110 countries worldwide, they are participating across different time zones meaning we need to be able to capitalise on any opportunity and deal with issues when they need to be dealt with and not when we receive the support request the next day. Our offer of 24/7 support enables us to stay a step ahead of other providers that continue to work on a slow ticketing system that isn’t suitable for this type of industry where by the time the request has been looked at the issue has already prevented them from achieving what they need to.

Dedicated Account Manager

Its not just about helping and supporting you if and when you need us, but we recognise that some of our customers want a single point of contact they can trust. A dedicated account manager is the most effective way to achieve continuity and consistency in communication especially if you’re new to conferencing or are unsure about how things work .When we have an ongoing dialogue with our customers it helps to do many things; foster better relationships with you, allows us to understand how you and your business works and enables us to better manage your expectations. This way Speakserve can prevent any errors occurring when your using our service which could impact your productivity. Dedicated account managers are FREE and can deliver piece of mind when uncertainty arises and are all highly trained to deal with the most complex of queries. They have the product and service knowledge to answer the savviest of questions and will always try to lend you some best practice tips, so you get more out of your conferencing as you progress into the future.


For more information about each of these, contact us here or call us on 0800 980 5155

We regularly ask our customers for feedback, so we can gauge how our service is performing and more importantly, how our team are doing. This way we can identify what we are doing well and where we can improve. If you would like to leave us your thoughts, please click here.