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Why you need to record your conference calls?

08 Jan, 2018

It's good to have call recording as an optional feature on your conference calls, but I think it's a necessity for businesses today.  

Here’s why:

1. Note Taking 

It can be difficult to concentrate on the detail whilst note taking and concentration can wane on a long conference call. Leave the stress behind and listen again to your conversation at leisure, whilst securely archiving the conversation for as long as you want to keep it, if you need to reference a meeting with a client later.


2. Immediately Update Non-Attendees?

If a participant can't make the call, offer them the opportunity to catch up on the meeting at a time that suits them, download and send the call recording to provide an on-demand experience for your customer or team member.


3. Voice Analytics & Digital Transcription

From your call recording you can request a digital transcription, available in close to real time. This could relieve any busy office manager or executive assistant from tedious minute taking. If you work in Law or Finance, we know that a great deal of time is wasted obtaining and working through human transcriptions. With Voice Analytics, any recorded conversation is now completely searchable by performing keyword searches that immediately take you to where a word or phrase was mentioned in the conversation.


4. Training & Education

Whether it is looking at the way in which you conduct your own meetings or reviewing an employee’s performance, a call recording is a great way to check on training needs.


5. It's FREE

We believe that call recordings and business analytics are an essential tool for most companies. Therefore, we do not see it is an optional extra with an associated charge, but something that should be part of our standard service. Call recording, archiving of recordings, digital transcriptions and voice analytics are FREE to use. Find out more about our call recording and voice analytics features here.


Why not trial our service, at no charge, for a whole month, to see how call recording and analytics can benefit your business?

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