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Speakserve Transforms the Traditional Event Call

18 Oct, 2017

High-profile conference calls require greater control and visibility. Advanced security features limit who is attending the meeting, managing participants in-call and better post call management ensures your professional reputation is upheld and your event is seamless. When a PR firm is making a critical announcement on behalf of a client or a large corporate is making a financial statement or issuing important company news, nothing should be left to chance. The smooth running of the event is vital.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be using Speakserve Event Calls:

1. Improve the meeting experience for host and participant:

Speakserve Event Calls now provide you with the ability to monitor and manage your important events with ease, no longer requiring lengthy registration processes or waiting for a long list of participants to be put into the call. Transforming the traditional Operator Assisted Call, Speakserve now provides the host ultimate control of who can enter the call, who can speak and who is muted from an easy to use online LiveCall Manager tool. An expert moderator may still be used if required, but it is important that the host has complete visibility whilst the call is in progress.


 2. Improve security:

When you have over 20 guests joining your conference call it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly who is present and whether they’re meant to be there leading you to feel your meeting security is at risk.

Using a Speakserve Event Call gives you greater visibility of your attendees.

  • Pre-RegistrationYour guests can be asked to pre-register, receiving an invite to the call with their own personalised PIN or request to be called via the ‘dial-out to participant’ functionality. As there is no generic PIN “floating” about, the risk of an uninvited guest joining the call is eliminated.
  • Recorded Name AnnouncementsParticipants can be asked to announce their name on entry to the call so any unknown numbers can be reviewed before putting them into the live call.
  • Call Lock: When all your guests are in attendance, a lock can be enabled, again preventing uninvited guests joining.
  • End CallIn the case there is a participant who is no longer required on the call, our LiveCall Manager tool includes the ability to remove the unwanted participant instantly.

 3. Your professional reputation:

If guests fail to join or arrive late it is frustrating and unproductive for everyone else on the call. A Speakserve Event Call simplifies the process for joining a conference call with its ‘Dial-Out’ function. When scheduling a call, the host can automatically instruct LiveCall Manager to dial-out to participants or request them to register with their preferred number for dial-out. At the allocated start time, the participant will receive a phone call that will automatically place them into the conference, ensuring that everyone is in the meeting at the same time.

A ‘sub-conference’ or lobby function exists for any late arrivals to the call or to anyone that has a question that is in a muted state. This makes sure there is no disruption to the flow of the meeting, being able to speak to participants away from the main conference if required.

Event Calls often have the need for a question and answer session after the main announcement has been made by the host. With LiveCall Manager it is simple to mute and unmute participants lines as they use their keypad to ask a question.


4. Post call management:

A conference call service isn’t just about what happens before or during your call. Post-call management is often a neglected aspect of the event call but with a range of features, we ensure you can make the most of your conference.

  • Attendee ReportReceive a list of all participants with any gathered information during registration, as soon as the call has ended.
  • Call RecordingStream or download a sound file of your meeting. Recap on important points and make the recording available to anyone who missed the meeting.
  • Voice AnalyticsOur voice analytics turns audio streams into searchable data meaning with little effort you can search any recorded conversation and pinpoint exactly where a word or phrase has been mentioned. A digital transcription is also produced with this service.


5. Cost-saving:

Speakserve believes that conferencing should provide major cost savings to a company and our best practice guidance ensures you and your participants are using the service in the most cost-effective way.

  • No Hidden Costs: There is no charge for the use of extra features such as call recording, participants lists, branded emails and personalised greetings. Each participant is charged a per minute rate based on their location with no further charges being applied.
  • Extensive International Network: With 0ver 120 local and freephone dial-ins and dial-out numbers around the world we provide the cheapest per minute rates amongst all of our competitors. Using local numbers avoids skyrocketing bills when dialing international numbers.
  • Our Dial-Out Service:  Ensures that your meeting starts promptly with everyone arriving in the call at the same time. Therefore avoiding charges for wasted minutes whilst waiting for the conference to start.


Speakserve has created the LiveCall Manager to take away the stress of event calls whilst providing you with ultimate control of your conference. If you are reading with interest, why not get in touch to see how to transform your next event call with a demo.