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Change of UK Local & Freephone Dial-in Numbers

30 Aug, 2017

As a result of a network upgrade, we are changing the UK dial-in numbers to your Speakserve Conference Call Service. This is in line with our continuing efforts to provide the best possible conferencing service. The new numbers will ensure resilience and quality of your calls.

Whilst any caller using the old numbers will be able to access the service in the usual way, we would urge you to encourage the use of the following new numbers to benefit from the upgraded service.

                                UK LOCAL DIAL-IN:                            UK FREEPHONE DIAL-IN:

                                   0330 777 2762                                     0800 376 0577


To help with adoption of the new UK numbers, we would be delighted to re-issue wallet cards to all your conference users. If you would like to go ahead, please get back in touch so that we can administer the appropriate cards. This might be an opportune time for some ‘best practice’ housekeeping of your conferencing account. Deleting and refreshing rooms for people who have left the company is important. You may wish to add new joiners, we can create new rooms and wallet cards for you at no extra cost.

As ever, your experience of our conferencing service remains our priority and we always welcome your feedback and will provide an immediate response to any support queries that you may have. Call our support team on 0800 980 5155.

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