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16 things we think you'll love about our Hosted Event Call service.

20 May, 2019

So, you have a requirement for a hosted event call, but there are several aspects that make up an exceptional event call service. With so many factors at play you need to have the confidence that you will receive the service that you expect on every call, no exceptions. Here are 16 things we think you'll love about Speakserve’s Hosted Event Call service:

1) Tailored call planning

There’s no doubt that the most important aspect of a well-run event call is the planning process. That’s exactly why we provide every client with access to a dedicated Event Call team (account manager and operator) who will listen and ensure they capture every detail of your requirements before working with you to create a plan for your event call. Every call is uniquely tailored to you so we can truly refine the call experience to meet your expectations. This should leave you feeling more confident as a result.

2) Experienced operations team

Let’s face it, running an event call can be a nerve-racking experience. It’s crucial that you feel in safe hands and that your operator is a seasoned event call expert that will guarantee everything will run smoothly. Our operators have worked with clients across the globe to deliver unique event calls for internal and corporate communications through to large media, investor and analyst relations so no call is too big nor too complex.

3) Professional multilingual transcriptions

Transcription services are highly sought-after. We have a range of professional services available which can be delivered to you after your call has been completed. Choose from 24-hour, 36-hour or 72-hour transcriptions based on how urgently you require the conversational transcript.

4) Detailed attendee lists

After your call, we provide you with a detailed list of attendees including their name, organisation, country from which they have dialled as well as details of their activity, i.e. when they joined and when they left the call. Should you choose to ask your participants to register, you can also be provided with timely updates on the number of expected participants.

5) Range of joining options to suit different call types

We offer a range of joining options. Whichever you choose is guaranteed to create a seamless call experience and delight your audience. These can be:

  • Dial out: choose to dial out to specific participants at your leisure
  • Dial-in: share your conference details with your participants and have them dial into the call
  • Auto-dial participants at the start of the call

You can choose to allow participants to listen to hold music prior to the call beginning and/or capture the name of each participant as they join.

6) Custom room greeting

Add a custom (or branded) room greeting that will be played to all participants as they enter the call. This can be used to provide legal disclaimers or to create a more personalised call experience.

7) Operator web chat

A web chat function is always made available and is particularly helpful should you need to ask your operator immediate questions without disrupting the flow of your call.

8) Q&A session

Q&A tends to happen right at the end of the call but it’s where you and your participants are likely to get the most value. We can provide a managed question and answer session, where your moderator can identify who requested to ask a question and direct them to you one-by-one, preventing any disruptions.

9) In-call translators

Sometimes you may have a need to address an international audience in multiple languages on your call. We have experience providing expert translators to facilitate conversation between different speaking parties which will help you to deliver a seamless, multilingual call with ease.

10) HD call recording

We can provide high-quality call recording of your call up to an hour after the call has been completed. This is provided as a downloadable mp.4 file or if you prefer, we can host the call recording using our hosted call playback option (as outlined below).

11) Event Call audio play-back

With playback we host the audio file of the call on our servers and can provide you with the option to dial into your dedicated playback service and listen to the call audio.

12) Live view of your call

It’s important to know exactly what’s going on as it’s happening, and this is only possible with live view. Live view provides a unique view of the call as it’s in progress, giving you peace of mind when you see the status and activity of each member of your audience as they are connecting to the call.

13) Simple transparent pricing

We’re pleased to offer transparent pricing with no additional costs, you will always know what your call will cost, and this can be provided to you ahead of the call.

 14) Flexibility to make last minute amendments

Unlike other providers we won’t penalise you for having to make last minute changes to your call.  We understand that problems beyond your control can arise and will be happy to make adjustments to the date and time of your call at any time without being charged.

 15) Access from 120+ international locations worldwide

Our service is very accessible, allowing your audience to dial-in from over 120 locations across the world. We are constantly expanding and monitoring our international numbers to ensure that your participants have an exceptional call experience, no matter where they are.

16) Resilience and call security

Our technology is designed for optimum resilience with our unique architecture we can scale up and scale down in order to meet the needs of every call. We also have robust internal processes that are regularly audited. Our personnel have all receive training in information and data security giving you the confidence that we truly care about your data. We are always happy to confirm non-disclosure agreements, should you require any further assurance that your privacy will be maintained for your call.


For a more comprehensive overview of our Hosted Event Call service, download our latest brochure by clicking below:


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